Martin Gjellestad

+47 991 23 811

Martin is the producer and film photographer of Totjueto Film.

Martin has studied film and tv production at the Norwegian Creative College (NKH) in Bergen. He was a member of the student board as both head of economics and lates as chairman.  Landscape photography, product advertisement and mountain hiking are his personal obsessions.

As a sojourner of Molde he became chief editor of DNT´s members magazine “Fjellsmella”. As of the summer of 2013 he is also in the chalet committee for the DNT cottage “Reinvassbu”.

Totjueto Film

The company name “Totjueto” comes from the 222 mountains in the Molde panorama. In the english language, our name would read something like “TwoTwentyTwo”. Once you visit us and see the magnificent panorama of Molde, you understand why we have taken this name to show where we come from.