• North Sea Salt Works
    North Sea Salt Works
  • Widex Unique
    Widex Unique
  • Norskfisk.se
  • Lanullva
  • Showreel 2015
    Showreel 2015
  • Subaru 360
    Subaru 360
  • Bjerkelunden – En liten familiehistorie
    Bjerkelunden – En liten familiehistorie
  • Volvo XC90
    Volvo XC90
  • Saltdalshytta
  • Champion “Rainhunter”
    Champion “Rainhunter”
  • Film: Molde Golf Club
    Film: Molde Golf Club
  • Toyota Camry Atlantic Movie
    Toyota Camry Atlantic Movie
  • Film: Oljefri.no
    Film: Oljefri.no
  • Oonagh – Eldamar
    Oonagh – Eldamar
  • Øyriket
  • AXTech Harcore Engineering
    AXTech Harcore Engineering

About the author

Martin has studied film and tv production at the Norwegian Creative School (NKF) in Bergen. He was a member of the student board as both head of economics and as chairman. As a sojourner of Molde he became chief editor of DNT´s members magazine “Fjellsmella”. As of the summer of 2013 he is in the chalet committee for the DNT cottage “Reinvassbu”. Landscape photography, product advertisement and mountain hiking are obsessions. Martin is the producer and cinematographer of Totjuetofilm.